Where the Pot Holders Are Needed

Reference article on the hand woven pot holder and its versatility. Includes videos showing how to get accustomed to a basic potholder loom kit, potholder loops and lace edged variations, and other pot holder loom details:

By Sergey Brinchok

Pot holders are versatile items. Their uses seem limitless when it comes to holding or touching hot items. The first place where these items are needed is the kitchen of your home. Without them, you can not hold or touch any pot or pan while you are in the process of cooking. You need them if you are to take a pan out of the oven, or to put a hot pot to the counter from the stove. Some designs have come out in the market where these kitchen products can be used as a trivet. Trivets are put under bowls and pots to protect your table top and counter top from the heat. These new designs provide for easy putting them on your hands as well as easy slip offs. You use these designs to get the food from the oven and put directly to the table, slipping off one pot holder from your hand and sliding it under the pot or bowl to function as trivet.

The second place where you can use the pot holders are the bakeries and in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels. Bakers use these items as protection from the heat of the oven as they put or take bread pans from it. Some use holders with longer arm pieces to protect their arms as well. Bakers, cooks and chefs can not do without this more important part of their kitchen. They are just like the home cooks – they need these holders to protect their skins from getting burned.

Pot holders are not only needed for practical uses in the homes, and establishments whose business involves cooking. They can also be used as decorative items. Home cooks appreciate the value of these kitchen accessories in decorating their kitchens. One example is by hanging some holders with striking designs on the bare kitchen walls. Putting them in nice frames before hanging can also help in making your kitchen look appealing and nice to work at. You can also sew two of these pot holders to the left and right sides of your apron to function as pockets. You see there are many uses of pot holders and they are not limited to the home and business. If you apply some of your creativity in the use of these practical items, you can have a kitchen that will look bright and attractive to all cooks and visitors alike.

Pot holders are part of your kitchen that are often taken for granted. Sometimes, they are used for long period without being washed and when they reach the point when washing can not bring them to the original form and color; they are just thrown away into the trash. As in other kitchen tools, the holders should be given extra care by putting them in their proper places in the kitchen and washing them as frequently as necessary. You can save some money if you can wash them, instead of buying new ones. The money you save can be used to spend on more important things.

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